Hardly Funny

Quelques remarques diverses. C’est presque drole mais ca ne fait rire que moi.

  • Vu une fois a Paris: une bouche de metro est composee de trois portes. Ce sont ces lourdes portes vitrees avec une grosse poignee en metal. Les portes de gauche et de droite sont ouvertes, et seule celle du centre est fermee. Trois personnes franchissent ces portes ; chacune passant par une des portes. La troisieme personne est blonde. Devinez par ou elle est passe? Et j’aimerais surtout savoir pourquoi…
  • On dirait bien que le mot canadien “tabernacle” se traduit par “bastard” en anglais.
  • The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary.

Sometimes, I hear/read interesting things:

If you need an advertisement in the ageing work field:

  • “Tired of worring for your single parent? Can’t find a suitable home? Call today on 1800 1541 1521 to see the new generation for the care of the elderly. Nestled in the heart of NZ your elderly relative will enjoy stunning views like that seen in the LOTR. Loneliness is a thing of the past with our social dance nights. And of course there are regular health check ups by our friendly staff”
  • “Feeling like Grandpa Simpson? Lonely, ignored and unloved? Then drop those ungreatful kids and come vist us in beautiful New Zealand! You will be staying in our newly purpose built hotels with stunning sea views. There are social nights to help you meet that one prince/princess.”
  • “Your children have abandoned you in a hospice? Your soulmate has left before you? Your dog isn’t allowed in your hotel? Call 1800 1541 1551 and ask for pretty mature (not yet senile) boys to help you in your every day life. Possible relocation in the same facility. Packages start at 5 gran!!”
  • “Live in our special countryside hotels, arranged like in LOTR. Drink a fresh beer (yellowish juice with bubbles and no alcohol) at the Sacquets Tavern and find your perfect housemate. After some bubbling, no doubt that you will end your trip in each others arms. Afternoon Irish quartet every Friday. Pillow battles on Sundays, and not to forget, health checkups every Monday with Anita and Boris, our nice nurse fellows from Poland.”
  • “You’re old and a widow/divorced? Sure that the best is yet to come? NZ needs you! Our elders hotels in Auckland count hundreds of people looking for a nice mate like you. Visit: www.iwishyouwerehere.com.nz and have a chat online with our friendly residents. Short and mid-term stay available. For long stays, NZ Retirement Residency Visa can be provided.”