20120609 – Newtown – Stranger 2

20120609 - 04 - Newtown - Stranger 2, originally uploaded by Kayhadrin
20120609 – 04 – Newtown – Stranger 2

As I was wandering on Newtown’s King St with an empty stomach, I was offered some delicious iced yogurt by a young lady from Wowcow, a local dessert joint. It didn’t take long for me to associate a good desert’s taste with good photo opportunity!

So please welcome the warm & friendly Nikky and Marinella who nicely accepted to appear in my Strangers set. They’re both Sydney-uni students and well… had to go back to work just after so I don’t know much more than that.

Thank you girls.

20120609 - 03 - Newtown - Stranger 2

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