Tales from Earth Sea (Gedo Senki)

Here's the trailer of the next animation movie from Miyasaki.

See the trailer (Flash)

Actually, it's from his son, HIS SON !
I guess that Miyasaki will soon be known as the most successful animation movie family.

Since I posted a long rant about how heavy web sites could be when you only have a dial-up connection, I'll give you the chance to choose if you want to see this Flash trailer.

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3 Responses to “Tales from Earth Sea (Gedo Senki)”

  1. Cidian says:

    Superbe! vivement qu’il sorte! (en france… je sent qu’on va attendre… quoi que entre 2 disney peut Ítre qu’il y a une chance.)

  2. Kayhadrin says:

    Bah, si le Japon ne vient pas en France, Nous, on ira la bas :)

  3. Cidian says:

    Encore faut il parler Japonais!