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Friday, March 23rd, 2007
Zen Flower Bouquet
Alors que les beaux mots se derobent sous mes pieds,
Je souhaite que ces jolies fleurs te fassent patienter.
Ainsi puisqu'il n'y en aura jamais assez,
Rappelle toi que patience est mere de surete.
Tres bientot j'aurais eu le temps de les parfaire,
Maman a moi, mes plus beaux souhaits d'anniversaire.

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75th birthday of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Monday, March 19th, 2007

A big march on the Sydney Harbour Bridge was organised to celebrate the 75th birthday of its construction.

For this occasion, the road traffic was stopped from the north entrance of the bridge and down to Darling Harbour.

Although the weather was quite cloudy with some rare drops of water, the event was a success and thousands of people came to visit, especially at twilight when an aboriginal ceremony was done to ask the spirits to protect this place.

Here are the memories of this event as my camera saw it. (I also walked around the Harbour between MacMahon's Point and Milson's Point and discovered a lovely place called Clark Park.)

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You can check on Google Maps the location of the bridge to understand how large this event has been.

Get a job (in IT) or die tryin’

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

R.I.P. (here Rests an IT Person)
Or die tryin’…
[here Rests an IT Person]

Hi ,

I just sent you the review of your resume.

Don’t forget that it’s only my personal interpretation of your resume in relation to my 1-year professional experience. Many ideas come from my previous recruiter who gave me her advice for a job application more than four months ago, and I’m still working there!

Do not neglect writing the cover letter. Put some details linked to the company’s activity. Harvest the net, or call them to obtain the name of the person in charge or reading the applications. It’s always a good thing to have an message addressed directly. It proves you did your homework by doing some research.

Keep adapting the cover letter for each job!

In most cases, you won’t know for what company you’re applying (even if you ask the recruiter). It’s ok, you’ll just do without it. Chat with the recruiter, get him/her to give more details about the job (he can often tell more on the phone than in a public ad) and ensure that applications are still open. Send your fine-tuned profile details and call them back two days after, and maybe a week later if the first conversation was ok.

Keep calling them to check how the recruitment process going on! (don’t harass them though)

At some point, it’s confusing to remember what was said before and it’s quite awkward to ask a recruiter to repeat himself a week after you called him. So don’t forget to take notes and keep the name of the person you talked to, for which application/position.

Keep applying for jobs!

Recruiters are fond of candidate databases. However, if your profile on Seek, Jobserve, MyCareer, CareerOne (or even your job seeker ad on Gumtree) has been made months ago, it has probably been eaten by their crawlers and kept under a big stack of other people’s profiles. Create a new one and try to figure out what to update (since it’s been months since you did the last one).

Keep updated with RSS feeds. You ain’t in IT for no reason. :p

Eventually, even if I didn’t actually find my job this way, it undeniably leaves a mark in people’s mind (or at least their database) and someone will call you when the right job appears.

With all due respect,

Good luck,


The new job

PS: there’re of course many things to add but you’d better say it yourself by adding a comment. ;-)

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