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Travailler pour…

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Vous aussi, venez en Australie et travaillez pour notre belle et accueillante compagnie. Voyez ci-dessous notre enseigne.


My Shared Flat 2

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

My two sofa chairs

So, as I was saying two months ago, I’m renting my own flat in Ultimo. The special thing though is that I’m renting a unit in the exact same building as my previous shared flat. It’s just another unit located on an upper level but still with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, restroom, kitchen and huge living room. Living there actually feels like returning home after having spent the previous two months in the World Tower.

Call me a nostalgic if you want but I really like this place. This suburb is very close to the CBD but still quiet and it’s full of good ol’ memories. A group of Canadian travellers was living there before and they generously sold me their furniture. All of them were surprisingly studying or working in IT or a domain with some tight bounds with it. Australia really needs more IT people as one can see.

Thanks to some incredible fate or luck, the furniture I bought from them was actually the same as in my previous shared flat. It’s as if they bought it from my last main renter! That gave to my place an even stronger home feeling.

When I was living in Paris, I had been mostly living by myself, renting my own studio. It’s a very comfortable solution and I have to thanks my parents for that. A good thing with living alone is that you get the feeling of freedom straight away. You can do whatever you want except, maybe, when your neighbours yell at you to stop playing piano after 3am. However, someone like me tends to convert this freedom into some sort of lazyness and the flat turns into a real mess in no time. Moreover, living alone in a flat can become a sore experience. It’s not a long time after that one starts feeling this uneasy sensation of being alone in a huge place (however small it is). I’m often thinking that it’s the reason why people try to get a pet. Well, in my case, I was always having some music playing on my computer to fill this awkward silence.

I’m telling you that experience of mine because it explains actually how good was the shared flat experience to me. It’s something that I’d always recommend, not only to feel less alone at home, that’s not its only benefit. To my mind, it’s an excellent way to find yourself confronted to others in ways you wouldn’t have expected (at least for me).

Maybe I’ll speak about that later, if the need to do so occurs. Anyway, you’ll understand easily why I was so keen to start my own shared flat, which is like exploring the other side of the mirror. Fortunately, I’m able to afford paying a flat of this level, so I could easily take my time to look for sharemates and equip the premises. I was wrong, for the former at least.

Picture of my kitchen
The kitchen, american style

The sharemates

I started to rent this flat on the 30th of April just after the departure of the Canadians. A good surprise was that they left us numerous things including some mattresses, a blanket, three pillows, a full set of cutlery, dishes, pans, glasses, and the best for the end: a printer and a wireless router! That’s what I call a welcomed surprise :)

My first flatmate is an Australian-born Chinese/Vietnamese friend I met a few days before Christmas Eve. She’s studying English litterature and cinema. If you can picture the Dawson-type girl watching old b/w movies that nobody (of her age) has heard of, she’s not too far from that, but in a cooler form of course. Like most Australian students, she borrowed money from the bank to pay for her school fees and has to work part-time. Her job, though, is unusual. She’s working for a company sending representatives to meet households occupiers and convince them to replace their standard light bulbs by energy efficient ones. By doing this, people are supposedly consuming less electricity, meaning that they require less carbon emissions for producing their electricity. That diminution of carbon production is then sold by the company on a national carbon reduction market. I am not personally convinced that converting an ecologic move for a sustainable environment into a rational market model is the way to go. I just hope it will pay for the environment as much as it seems to pay financially.

About two weeks later, I found my second flatmate: a Chilian cable TV reporter that is having a year off in Australia to discover the country, the language and the inhabitants (with an particular focus about the latter). He’s really cool minded and likes to cook like crazy (however, there’s some excess of coolness about the cleaning job that I need to formalise very soon). He’s currently working as a construction worker but it’s only because he’s just started to learn English. However, that didn’t prevent him from finding a Spanish-speaking German girlfriend. Life’s good heh.

Later on, I found the last sharemate as being an Indian business analyst that has been relocated in Sydney in order to work here and liaise with the company’s outsourced departments in India and Singapore, and wherever they are. He’s vegetarian like my Australian flatmate which makes dinners interesting and unique occurences. One could say, with a lot of prejudice I have to admit, that vegetarian food is just cutting everything into pieces, adding spices and just frying/steaming/baking the resulting product. However, nothing is farther from the truth. It’s still honestly good and tasty on most occasions (note that exceptions do happen).

Well, that’s it, now, you got a better idea of what my new sharedflat is.

Good nigh’ 8~)

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Nom d’un chien!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Je trouvais deja marrant que quelqu'un puisse s'appeller Jacky Chang comme l'acteur du meme nom.

Mais la, que vois-je ?!

Quelqu'un qui s'appelle Chien !
C'est assez etonnant mais bon, on peut vivre avec. Sauf que le prenom du prenomme est Pluto !

Je sais, c'est pas tres fin mais ca m'a fait tellement rire que ca le valait bien. ^^;

Pluto, Chien

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Herbie Hancock Jazz Concert

Sunday, April 29th, 2007
20070424 - 01 - Sydney - State Theatre - Herbie Hancock Concert

Thanks to my cousin, I got a free ticket to see Herbie Hancock’s concert at the State Theatre last Monday.

Even though it’s the first time I heared his music, it was awesome. He plays the piano with such a great skill that I couldn’t be anything but amazed.

Astonishing too is the State Theatre concert hall that features luxurious decorations.

Please, have a look!

Virtual tour of the State Theatre:

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1, 2, 3, partis !

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

20070408 - 08 - Sydney - Martin Place
Sydney - Town Hall

C'est une chose que de quitter la France pour l'Australie, et de fait, laisser derrière soi tous ses amis de Paris, de la Réunion ou d'ailleurs. C'en est une autre que de voir partir quasiment tous mes anciens colocataires d'Ultimo (laquelle s'est terminee depuis fevrier 2007).

En vivant dans cet appart, j'ai pu faire la connaissance de personnes tres interessantes avec qui j'ai partage des moments innenarrables.

Byong, le locataire principal etait un etudiant coreen de 29 ans qui etait d'une jovialite remarquable. Toujours pret animer les soirees de weekend et sans oublier de faire participer toute la maisonnee. S'il fallait ne citer que quelques points positifs, je dirais qu'il faisait preuve d'une tres bonne gestion des gens, sachant s'adapter a leur caractere et les meler aux autres. Il avait donc aussi un tres bon sens du discernement. Je veux dire par la qu'il savait faire la part des choses entre le besoin de faire la fetes, de gerer ses etudes, d'organiser des sorties entre colocs et surtout de denouer les conflits.

Comme vous surement, j'avais un peu regarde la serie americaine "Friends". On y voit la vie quotidienne de six personnes dans leur trentenaine vivant dans deux appartements voisins. En m'embarquant dans une colocation, je savais pertinemment que l'on serait loin de la fiction. Cela etant, je pouvais rentrer a l'appartement et reellement penser que j'etais ici c'est chez moi – exception faite qu'on etait sept a partager les lieux ^^:

Au cours de l'annee 2006, de nombreuses personnes sont passees chez nous. Il s'agissait toujours d'etrangers (comme moi donc), le plus souvent etudiants, et chacun faisait des efforts pour echanger ses connaissances, donner un coup de main ou simplement vivre en communaute. J'en veux pour preuve les nombreux cliches pris lors d'evenements varies comme les anniversaires ou le jour de l'an. Ceux qui ont pu voir les photos sur Flickr comprendront de quoi je parle.

De retour en 2007, notre colocation s'est terminee en fevrier, lorsque le proprietaire a decide de vendre son bien. Puis, ceux sont quelques bons anciens colocataires qui sont partis les uns apres les autres dans les semaines qui ont suivi : Aaron, etudiant chinois, Byong, etudiant coreen et ex-locataire principal, Nami voyageuse et travailleuse (partie en janvier) et plus recemment Marta etudiante espagnole.

Dans mon cas, quand je suis entre dans cette coloc, je m'attendais a y rester quelques mois, mais pas un an ! Et encore moins a etre pratiquement le dernier restant dans le pays :o Enfin bon, meme si presque tout le monde est parti (meme ma cousine Sabrina est partie en Thailande au debut du mois), je garde le contact avec quelques autres "survivants" (ahahah) et surtout avec les nouvelles connaissances faites parmi la population australienne (car je cotoyais principalement des etudiants etrangers aupavant).

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75th birthday of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Monday, March 19th, 2007

A big march on the Sydney Harbour Bridge was organised to celebrate the 75th birthday of its construction.

For this occasion, the road traffic was stopped from the north entrance of the bridge and down to Darling Harbour.

Although the weather was quite cloudy with some rare drops of water, the event was a success and thousands of people came to visit, especially at twilight when an aboriginal ceremony was done to ask the spirits to protect this place.

Here are the memories of this event as my camera saw it. (I also walked around the Harbour between MacMahon's Point and Milson's Point and discovered a lovely place called Clark Park.)

View slideshow on

You can check on Google Maps the location of the bridge to understand how large this event has been.

Get a job (in IT) or die tryin’

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

R.I.P. (here Rests an IT Person)
Or die tryin’…
[here Rests an IT Person]

Hi ,

I just sent you the review of your resume.

Don’t forget that it’s only my personal interpretation of your resume in relation to my 1-year professional experience. Many ideas come from my previous recruiter who gave me her advice for a job application more than four months ago, and I’m still working there!

Do not neglect writing the cover letter. Put some details linked to the company’s activity. Harvest the net, or call them to obtain the name of the person in charge or reading the applications. It’s always a good thing to have an message addressed directly. It proves you did your homework by doing some research.

Keep adapting the cover letter for each job!

In most cases, you won’t know for what company you’re applying (even if you ask the recruiter). It’s ok, you’ll just do without it. Chat with the recruiter, get him/her to give more details about the job (he can often tell more on the phone than in a public ad) and ensure that applications are still open. Send your fine-tuned profile details and call them back two days after, and maybe a week later if the first conversation was ok.

Keep calling them to check how the recruitment process going on! (don’t harass them though)

At some point, it’s confusing to remember what was said before and it’s quite awkward to ask a recruiter to repeat himself a week after you called him. So don’t forget to take notes and keep the name of the person you talked to, for which application/position.

Keep applying for jobs!

Recruiters are fond of candidate databases. However, if your profile on Seek, Jobserve, MyCareer, CareerOne (or even your job seeker ad on Gumtree) has been made months ago, it has probably been eaten by their crawlers and kept under a big stack of other people’s profiles. Create a new one and try to figure out what to update (since it’s been months since you did the last one).

Keep updated with RSS feeds. You ain’t in IT for no reason. :p

Eventually, even if I didn’t actually find my job this way, it undeniably leaves a mark in people’s mind (or at least their database) and someone will call you when the right job appears.

With all due respect,

Good luck,


The new job

PS: there’re of course many things to add but you’d better say it yourself by adding a comment. ;-)

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