20120609 – Newtown – Stranger 2

July 30th, 2012
20120609 - 04 - Newtown - Stranger 2, originally uploaded by Kayhadrin
20120609 – 04 – Newtown – Stranger 2

As I was wandering on Newtown’s King St with an empty stomach, I was offered some delicious iced yogurt by a young lady from Wowcow, a local dessert joint. It didn’t take long for me to associate a good desert’s taste with good photo opportunity!

So please welcome the warm & friendly Nikky and Marinella who nicely accepted to appear in my Strangers set. They’re both Sydney-uni students and well… had to go back to work just after so I don’t know much more than that.

Thank you girls.

20120609 - 03 - Newtown - Stranger 2

Stranger #1/100 – Jaimie & Roscoe

July 30th, 2012
Stranger #1/100 - Jaimie & Roscoe, originally uploaded by Kayhadrin
Stranger #1/100 – Jaimie & Roscoe

Although I’ve seen the 100 Strangers group on Flickr many months ago (or is it years), I’ve only recently joined it – pushed by Alf, one of my fellow photographer friends. The goal, as you might already know, is to take the photo of 100 people that are total strangers. But instead of taking anonymous candids, the main challenge consists in engaging with them; getting to know them a bit and perhaps learn a few more things on top of photo practice.

So here I am, walking along the busy streets of Newtown on a Saturday morning* (those who know me would be very surprised already) when I notice a couple petting an amstaff dog. I initially thought I would ask for their permission to take their photo but they quickly left the dog – who bound to a street pole nearby.

A couple of minutes after, the actual dog masters (a couple) arrived and proceeded to walk to the next shopping venue. The wife went in but the husband finally decided to stay outside to keep company to his dog – or is it the contrary? ;-)

That was the signal I was waiting for. I went straight on to talk to him and got his agreement to have his picture taken. After a few awkward camera moments, I got the result above.

The man’s name is Jaimie and Roscoe is his dog’s name. He’s from Liverpool, England, but has now been living in Australia for the last ten years – currently residing in Enmore. Similarly to me, he’s working in IT at Fairfax. (I later found quite a few other IT people in Newtown which is a surprise.)

Thank you to Jaimie and Roscoe for posing for me.

They are my strangers number 1.

This picture is #1 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

Filename: 20120609 – 01 – Newtown – Stranger 1

to Flickr!

June 9th, 2012
to Flickr!, originally uploaded by Kayhadrin
to Flickr!

Thank you Gisele and Mei-Lyn

January 30th, 2009

Delicious food cans of Reunion Island

Hoi !

Many thanks to Gisele and Mei-Lyn for sending me some extremely rare delicacies from Reunion Island!

I finally got a hand on them after they stayed blocked at the customs and the post office for weeks. Apart from the loss of one can of achards de palmiste, everything is in good condition.

Now, I can’t wait to taste them :-)

Cheers all.

Sydney Reloaded

December 3rd, 2008

Neo is confronted by an agent in the Matrix's simulation and one can see that the scene was shot in Martin Place, Sydney.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai eu un flash(back).
Dans le film Matrix, le moment ou Neo marche dans la rue (dans la matrice) et voit la belle blonde en robe rouge, il marchait en fait sur le trottoir de Sydney au niveau de Martin’s Place.

Fichtre, diantre et queue de poisson !

Music in the air

November 27th, 2008

20070228 - 06 - Sydney - New shared flat - My Electronic Keyboard

Initiated in the UK and already exported in Brazil, “Play Me, I’m yours” is an art performance sponsored by the Sydney Festival 2009 that will make thirty pianos readily available to members of the public during next January 2009.

The revolutionary thing is that they will be left outside, in the street, anywhere accessible to you and me. I can already imagine the impromptu gigs that will sprout across the city!

Once more, it feels good to live in Sydney :-)

More information:

Progressive Portal Approach

August 20th, 2008

Danny Choo's portal design

This Danny Choo’s article presents a different approach to design a portal landing page and it chooses to change/adapt the contents to users rather simply.

Actually, his portal directly asks users if they’re new or not. If they are, it shows them the introduction of the site with simple descriptions about each sections of the site.

If the user considers he is a regular reader then he can choose the second option and a cookie will keep this choice for the next times. He would apparently see more detailed contents about each sections.

While this part could admittedly fall into the marketing trends of web2.0 (aka dynamic module mixtures), it just asks you what kinds of feeds you prefer and it proceeds to adapt the contents to your selection. One could argue that it’s not very “interactive”, but ultimately, this is not the point, since here, contents are mostly static – or portal generated.

Just my 2 cents that this Portal Design will be flourishing soon after the Ajax illusion fades (as it did for me).

But maybe you have a different interpretation for such design?